Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sick cat

True desperation a sick creature that evokes sympathy and repulsion. Poor Lancelot, I'm trying my best to protect him but it's really difficult. How to ensure a cat and a house are flea free? I imagine them biting me during the night. Lancelot has been banished from the bedroom in case his abscess bursts. He is a sorry sight with a shaved patch, a lump on his back and red sore patches on his neck from the flea bites.

Only a week ago he was a King amongst cats. He's trying his best nonetheless. On Sunday there was a dead bird under the bed.

Today he is Trouble! So much for being sick. When I returned from work the house was littered with feathers. It looked like the aftermath of a massacre, which it was. Not only down feathers. I shut down when I see this. I started to hoover looking for the carcass as I did. I never found it and had the horrors about stumbling upon it, days later, in a secret, surprising place.

I found it eventually. The poor bird was outside, wounded, with two cats stalking it. Lancelot had enlisted help. Hope seemed small and desperate as I called the round of RSPCA clinics and animal hospitals. No help available...
I tried to cover the bird with a box but it hopped and fluttered away.

Nothing. I came in, shut the door and went to the far end of the house leaving it to its fate.

The moral of the story is to be prepared when you fall in love with wilful, handsome, attractive creatures.

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