Saturday, 22 November 2014

A moment

I tried to grasp a moment. After being litter trained twice the cat reversed its habits this morning. The poor red velvet sofa is hastening to a speedy end! No one wants to sit on it. Out have come the puppy pads but for who now? Us or the cat?
By the end of the day I lie on a mat to meditate. The guiding voice tells me to 'find somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed.' Small children asleep, big children quietly on computers, a big tick to that.
The room is warm and comfortable. I shut my eyes. The sound of waves soothes me. Warm breath on my face. A large yellow body lying down beside me. The dog has joined in. Not to be out done the cat arrives to dart up and down my legs playfully. Alone I don't think so. Always competition for my attention. I rub my headached temples and rise to sort them. I'll learn meditation another day.

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